The Translation Process

Project Manager

Each project is supervised by an in-house Project Manager based on the specific skills of the Manager and of the project itself.

The Project Manager performs a twofold function: he/she is the reference contact for the Customer and makes sure that the Customer’s needs are perfectly clear in his/her mind, that the Customer is kept updated on the project development, and that any new requirements or problems communicated by the Customer are promptly dealt with.

The Project Manager is also answerable for the overall translation process: he/she is in charge of selecting the resources to be involved in the project (in-house or external translators) and has the task of planning, scheduling, monitoring and overseeing the various process stages.

At the beginning of every new project the Project Manager will gather all the information which is crucial for drawing up a work schedule including: specific project requirements, objectives, delivery methods, due dates and any other requirements

Team work

At this stage the Project Manager draws up a work schedule and assigns all the individual project-related tasks:

translator/s, technical expert/s, QA specialist/s, editor/s, proof-reader/s.

It is imperative that each task is performed by separate individuals or groups of individuals, so that the objectivity of work assessment is not impaired and that efficiency is guaranteed.

Translating, revising, correcting

Based on the work performed and on the relevant professional skills involved, translators, technical experts and QA specialists will carry out the main translation process and achieve the target text (depending on the complexity of the specific source text) according to the following steps: translation of the source text, revision of the target text, cross-check between source and target text, QA, style/spelling/terminology revision of the final translation.